Summer Student Week 4 Update

We had a great start to the week on Sunday with our Community Invasive Species Dig-Up. Another thank you goes out to all of the fantastic volunteers who came out for the event and a special thank you to Nancy, Karen, and Jennifer for supplying some tasty treats! It was a hot day for working outside but together we were able to remove a large portion of the Multiflora Rose and Japanese Knotweed along the Lorne Ave side of the lake. In total, we had 8 large piles the city picked up earlier this week!

Continuing into the work week, I have been carrying on the progress made Sunday. There is quite an abundance of the Multiflora Rose on the Lorne Ave side of the lake, so it is expected that this side will take longer than the greenbelt side. A friendly reminder to the residents of the Lorne Ave side to please not dump anything down the bank as it makes my job much more difficult to access the invasive species.

I have also been active on the greenbelt side of the lake this week working to fill the empty spots left behind after removal of the invasive species with transplants. I have transplanted some witch hazel as well as a few ferns into these vacant areas with the hopes that they will eventually fill out, providing ground coverage that will aid in the prevention of the growth of invasive species.

As many of you may have noticed, there was a large tree down on Lorne Ave earlier this week, a result of a hungry beaver! Since then, I have been concentrating more of my time to monitor the beaver activity. I’ve been wrapping the larger trees with wire mesh to limit the damage the beaver can do.

Yesterday I was out in the canoe with Beth collecting the water sampling data. With all of the beautiful weather and sunshine we have been receiving we are seeing near surface water temperatures of 24 degrees!

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!


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