Welcome to the Oathill Lake Conservation Society.

Thanks for dropping by. We’re a community-based group dedicated to restoring and maintaining the ecological health and biological diversity of Oathill Lake.

Oathill Lake

Our entire membership is comprised of volunteers–all working to improve the health of this small lake and parkland as a resource for walking, swimming, boating, skating, skiing and fishing. We want Oathill to remain a source of recreational and aesthetic pleasure for this and future generations.

Education is the key to getting people involved and invested in our cause. We also conduct environmental monitoring, and make scientifically-based recommendations to government agencies, whose policies and activities are seen to have the greatest influence on the health and integrity of the lake.

If you live in the area, or are a regular recreational user of the lake and trails, we encourage you to join the Society and participate in our activities. Simply leave us a reply in the section below for information on joining and being on our e-mail list. If you have a particulr area of interest please indicate in your reply.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you find our web-site informative.