Summer Student Week 3 Update

Community Invasive Species Dig-Up– Click for image

This week I have begun to monitor the beaver activity around the lake more closely. I have done this by marking all of the trees I could access that have been taken down by beavers. In doing so, it should make it easier to identify newly cut trees and changes in beaver activity. As well, I have continued with the work already started by the OLCS by wrapping the base of larger trees in wire mesh, to prevent the beavers from cutting these ones down.

Last week Terry was in contact with the Horticultural Supervisor of Parks and Recreation to discuss the possibility of transplanting native species to areas where I have dug up the Multiflora Rose. This would fill in the unnatural gaps in the vegetation surrounding the lake while also providing ground coverage to prevent the invasive species from returning. We were given a list of plants that would be suitable for this purpose and this week I met with Alexa Kennedy, who is quite familiar with the native species surrounding Oathill Lake. She was able to help me identify the plants on the list suitable for transplanting so I can begin this process.

The past few weeks I have been working on preparing a map of the lake highlighting the areas where the different invasive species can be found. This map will hopefully prove to be a useful tool to monitor the growth of these unwanted plants year to year to prevent their spread. The map can be found on the Issues page under Invasive Species.

Finally, I have finished up with the invasive species removal on the greenbelt side of the lake. Removal on the Lorne Ave side will begin this weekend with our Community Dig-Up. A reminder that this is on Sunday, July 24th beginning at 10 am. We will be meeting between houses 52 and 62 on Lorne Ave. This is a great way to get society members together and make a positive impact in the community. I’m hoping for a good turn out and looking forward to meeting many of you!

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