Summer Student Week 2 Update

This week I have been continuing with the invasive species removal. I am currently working on the area near the Cranston path entrance. The piles I have created are getting quite large so the city should be by soon to pick them up. There have been a lot of questions regarding what and why I am digging various plants up so I have made up a brief information sheet on the various invasive species here at Oathill Lake. You can find it posted on the Issues page of the site. I hope this helps!

On Wednesday, I finished taking inventory of all the drains in the stormwater catchment area. We are hoping to continue to mark these drains so that the community knows not to dump anything down them as they flow directly to the lake.

Water sampling was completed with the help of Jim Kennedy on Thursday and will continue to be done on a biweekly basis. I will be looking for a volunteer to help me with the next set so keep an eye out for an email I will be sending out sometime next week.

Earlier in the week it was brought to my attention of possible poison ivy near the Oathill Crescent side of the wooden walkway. I have since made 2 signs indicating their location to avoid unwanted contact.

Again, if you have any questions or feedback for me I’d love to hear it.

IMG_0159           IMG_0133

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