Summer Student Week 5 Update

IMG_0289Throughout the summer I have been keeping record of the numerous bird species and other wildlife I encounter around the lake. This week I spent some time putting a list together of all these different species. The goal is to create a page providing information on the local wildlife. For this project, I would love your help to expand my list to encompass as many species as we can identify. If you have witnessed and identified any interesting wildlife around the lake feel free to send me a message or an email at and I can add it to my list!

As well, this week I walked the trail with the GPS to monitor the areas where I removed invasive species earlier in the summer. I was able to identify some new growth indicating the presence of a few remaining roots. Other areas, where, in particular the troublesome Multiflora Rose was removed, shows no sign of any new growth. This is very promising that many of these plants will not return next spring, and those that do will be able to be caught early on with the GPS tags, before they get out of hand.

After transplanting the witch hazel and ferns last week, I have been watering them almost daily to ensure they survive the transplant and begin to develop in their new area. It is important that these species I am transplanting are native to the area and not from gardens as this is how invasive species can be introduced to an area.

It has been great to see so many people out enjoying the lake and park area with all of the sunshine we have been receiving lately!


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