Annual General Meeting of the Oathill Lake Conservation Society

You’re Invited!
Please join us for the Annual General Meeting of the Oathill Lake Conservation Society (OLCS). We’ll be updating the community on a variety of projects and programs affecting the lake.

Storm Sewer Update
Do you know storm water from dozens of streets in Dartmouth drain directly into Oathill Lake? Come hear what’s planned to ameliorate this problem — a partnership project between OLCS, HRM and Halifax Water.

Trail and Bank Repairs
HRM is planning to repair and upgrade parts of the trail system around the lake. Come to the meeting and find out how recreational user stand to benefit.

Invasive Species Removal
An astonishing array of plant species grow around the lake, including several invasive species that are crowding out and killing native plants. Come and find out what’s being done to solve this issue — a partnership between OLCS and HRM Parks. Some walkers will have noticed that the multiflora rose bushes are gone from the lake side of the path between the weir and Lorne Avenue. Multiflora climb nearby trees and choke them.

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